Varietal and generic wine label

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Italian wine regions are known for their rich variety of wine styles. Italy, closely followed by Spain and France, is the world’s largest wine producer by volume. Its contribution is about 45–50 million hl per year, and represents about one third of global production.

Wine Varietals A-Z

Not only is Italian wine exported around the world. SAMPLE GENERIC DESSERT WINE BRAND LABEL This label contains all of the mandatory information for a typical domestic grape wine that contains more than 14 percent but not more than 24 percent alcohol by volume.

The Right Bank is the area to the north of the Dordogne in Bordeaux, rather than to the south of the Garonne (this is the Left Bank) or Entre-deux-Mers (the area between the two rivers). While not nearly as famous or versatile as the Left Bank, the Right Bank is important for two essential appellations that lie within it: St-Émilion and Pomerol.

This post originally appeared in See the reviews below for the most current Barefoot posts: • Barefoot wine review • Barefoot wine review • Barefoot wine review The second most popular item on the blog this year was something I wrote more than two years ago, a post that asked whether the $6 line of Barefoot wines offered value or were just cheap.

Sparkling wines are made from white and red still wines. After choosing a base varietal or blend, the winemaker mixes up a “tirage,” which includes some of the base wine plus yeast and sugar.

Please use this page to post your tasting notes of Grocery Outlet wines that have not (yet?) been reviewed on the main page, and comments thereon. If it’s easy to do so, please include in some order the wine’s year, name, producer, varietal(s), wine region, price and .

Varietal and generic wine label
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