The sundays reading writing and arithmetic vinyl cutter

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And so, the alt-rock of The Sundays' "Here's Where The Story Ends" was massively popular. There was something really haunting, about Harriet Wheeler's voice echoing down the halls, and wafting out to the quads. I spent the summer of in Honolulu.

Purchasing Blind their second album from in a Dunblane charity shop now means that I have the set when it comes to their albums as I had previously acquired Static and Silence their third one and then Reading, Writing &Arithmetic their first one all from charity shops.

Vinyl Cut from kHz bit Remastered High-Resolution Audio Limited Edition Foil Art Slipcase around Gatefold The Sundays - Reading, Writing, And Arithmetic - Geffen - USA () Previous on Label.

Charity Chic Music

Lists. cover art: Skulls and Skeletons - Images - List by whitewhale Music Reviews: Blind by The Sundays released in via Parlophone, Geffen.

Genre: Dream Pop. Buy Reading, Writing And Arithmetic (CD) by The Sundays (CD). Amoeba Music. Ships Free in the U.S.

Inspired by The Smiths and the Cocteau Twins, The Sundays’ Rough Trade debut is a gem of old-school indie that pushes Harriet Wheeler’s shyly beautiful voice centre-stage.

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The sundays reading writing and arithmetic vinyl cutter
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