Tattoos and culture

Looking at the World’s Tattoos

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How Tattoos Went From Subculture to Pop Culture

Going in for the consultation, (my first) back in October at Tattoo Culture was easy. Like everyone getting a tattoo for the first time I had some ideas but for those who have had tattoos for years you know that not every sketch or idea can work/5(52). Oct 27,  · Let's face it, tattoos have burst onto pop culture and have taken over the current media scenery.

TV shows based on the tattoo industry are springing up. Looking at the World’s Tattoos Photographer Chris Rainier travels the globe in search of tattoos and other examples of the urge to embellish our skin For the Dyak people of Borneo, tattoos once.

However, every Polynesian culture had similar traditions. In Tahiti, the Arioi, a class of professional entertainers, used tattoos (tatau) to mark the various ranks and status within their troupes.

In the Maori culture of New Zealand, the head was considered the most important part of the body, with the face embellished by incredibly elaborate tattoos or ‘moko,’ which were regarded as.

Photographer Chris Rainier travels the globe in search of tattoos and other examples of the urge to embellish our skin.

Tattoos and culture
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