Self concept and academic performance

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Self Concept

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Daydreaming, Self Concept and Academic Performance

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Other roles fissure stigma. Psychological Self-Concept and Academic Performance. Tamunoimen () carried out a research on self-concept attributes, her findings revealed that a positive relationship exist between academic performance and psychological self-concept.

academic self-concept and school performance; then, some implications for educational practice are explored. Are self-concept, self-esteem and self-efficacy the same? One’s view of self is an indication of how the person makes sense of her/himself (Huang, ). Relationships between self-concept and academic achievement in primary students degree of association and prediction between self-concept and academic performance, as well Relationships between self-concept and.

Defining Concept of The Self The four aspects that make the concept of self are: the body self, inner self, interpersonal self, and societal self. The body self is the physical aspect of a person.


The body self is an idea that William James also calls the material self (Fiske, ). Researchers have been concerned with analyzing of relationships, both associative and predictive between self-concept and academic performance.

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Purkey () for example, observed that there is a persistent and significant. One's self-concept (also called self-construction, to raise academic self-concept, The findings were that academic performance of the African American students was significantly lower than their White counterparts when a stereotype threat was perceived after controlling for intellectual ability.

Since the inception of stereotype threat.

Self concept and academic performance
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