Rizal characteristics and skill in dapitan

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Rizal Shrine in Dapitan City

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Rizal in Dapitan “Simple yet inspiring”is the best word that can describe the life of Rizal in Dapitan. It is simple in away that he lives like an ordinary people and inspiring because when he was there, he was able to live his life to the fullest without regrets by.

Rizal’s Talents and Skills• Botanist Rizal maintained a garden in Dapitan where he planted and experimented on plants of all kinds. This the Dao tree where Dr. Jose Rizal himself planted and nurtured. Rizal had farms in Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte () where he planted lanzones, coconuts and other fruit-bearing trees.

Ambassador Of Good Will His friendliness, goodwill and cultural associations with friends entitled him as one. Magsaysay Shipping Philippines is a maritime shipping line corporation and agency with landbased location address as listed below taken from the list of approved and licensed manning agencies in the Philippines today.

Rizal’s Encounter with the Friar’s Spy The spy stayed in Dapitan and spread talks among the people that he was a relative to Rizal. Rizal went to the comandancia and reported thei mpostor to Captain Juan Sitges (successor of Carnicero) Sitges ordered Pablo Mercado’s arrest and told Anastacio Adriatico to investigate him immediately.

Rizal characteristics and skill in dapitan
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