Resistor and total resistance

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Parallel Resistor Calculator

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Series Circuits

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Disclamer: will not take any responsibility for any destroyed or damaged hardware! Always double check your results. Online calculator to determine the value of multiple resistors in parallel.

What is a potentiometer? A potentiometer is a manually adjustable variable resistor with 3 terminals. Two terminals are connected to both ends of a resistive element, and the third terminal connects to a sliding contact, called a wiper, moving over the resistive element.

Check Your Understanding. 1. Use your understanding of equivalent resistance to complete the following statements: a. Two 3-Ω resistors placed in series would provide a resistance that is equivalent to one _____-Ω resistor. Contact resistance is the resistance to current flow, due to surface conditions and other causes, when contacts are touching one another (in the closed condition of the device).

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Resistor and total resistance
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