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Arabic alphabet

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Arabic Reading Course

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However, if you are not convinced with the programme, you can cancel and use your remaining balance. First let's talk about how important learning Arabic is, Today Arabic is spoken throughout the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Mauritania, and Chad.

It is the mother tongue of over million people in Africa and Asia. And since the Qur'an is written in Arabic, people in other Muslim countries have from basic to.

The Arabic Alphabet Introduction to the Alphabet • Arabic is read from right to left • Almost all the letters in an Arabic word are joined together like hand writing.

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Online Arabic language course with audio and text! Our Arabic lessons allow you to learn Classical or Colloquial Arabic reading, writing, and grammar.

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Teach the Arabic alphabet with games: Kids don’t like to sit down for a long period of time. Try to teach them Arabic letters in games, like you say “alef”, your kid should say a word starts with “alef”; the other kids say another word etc. We offer courses in many languages including Arabic, in this page you will be able to see English Arabic translation, write your name, grammar, and you can also learn more about the language, such as vocabulary and more for free!

We translate from Frech Traduction Arabe, Spanish Traducción árabe, Italian Traduzione Arabo, Portuguese Tradução árabe, арабский язык перевод. Start learning Modern Standard Arabic with free online lessons and downloadable e-book.

Read and write arabic online
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