Fstab windows share read write and think

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Howto Install Windows XP and SuSE Linux on the same PC

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How to mount a USB stick as a non-root user with write permission

Describes how to resize a linux virtualbox vdi drive under windows host. Dec 01,  · OK so long story short I have a raspberry pi with Raspbian on it. I automount a folder from my NAS on startup (by editing the fstab file) but the problem is the owner is root.

Sep 02,  · I've seen so many different ways to mount my windows share in fstab with various (to no) options - users, async, dev, etc. Problem: My Documents, My Pictures, and all those other My directories will have the root write permission flag stripped in linux when I boot back and forth.

Similarly you can adjust the mount line in /etc/fstab to read: This is a problem that I encountered while attempting to mount a Windows share from a Linux machine was the following.

Mounting remote filesystems with smbfs. Posted by Anonymous (ecoleducorset-entrenous.com) on Thu 17 Apr at Samba is an open source implementation of the server message block (SMB) and common internet file system (CIFS) protocols, it allows us to access Windows file share resources from Linux.

I’d take the opportunity to create a blog post describing one way to do this. There are a couple of different approaches to making a Linux system read-only. Unfortunately, it is usually not as simple as using a conventional filesystem mounted with the read-only option.

Many programs assume that at.

Problem with permissions on a mounted SMB share Fstab windows share read write and think
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