Bedazzled wish and alison

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The Devil (Bedazzled) Edit. Classic editor History He would eventually make his last wish, for Alison to have a good life.

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That wish null and voided the contract since it was a self-less act. He got to keep his soul. The Devil and Elliot parted ways pleasantly after the Devil told him that the battle between good and evil was about really. Oct 20,  · Watching "Bedazzled," I was reminded of the ancient newspaper legend about the reporter sent to cover the Johnstown Flood.

For three years he has dreamed of the lovely Alison The double-cross after every wish works like a punch line that comes before the joke.

He makes a request, we see what went wrong, and then the 2/5. Bedazzled is a fantasy-comedy film remake of the film of the same name, When the Devil pushes him to make a final wish, Elliot wishes that Alison could have a happy life - with or without him. The Devil sighs and Elliot falls into the depths of Hell.

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Bedazzled wish and alison
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